Dowry System Paragraph

    Dowry System


The custom of giving wedding gifts to the bridegroom during marriage ceremony is called dowry. The greed of a section of people is the main reason of dowry. They want to change their fortune by taking gifts or money from the bride’s family. Rich people also encourage this system. They give dowry as gift at the time of daughter’s marriage. The poor and illiterate girls become the victims of this system. This evil system affects the whole society. Now-a-days a father cannot think of the marriage of his daughter without giving dowry to the bridegroom. It is a social vice. It is a humiliation of humanity. As a result of dowry system, many women suicide and many divorce their husbands. This bad custom must be eliminated from the society. For this, we must have to raise public awareness. Female education can play an important role in removing dowry system. We can raise a social movement against this vice. Thus, we can eliminate the practice of dowry.

Write a Paragraph on Your Childhood Memories

        My Childhood


Man likes to turn back from the present to the past. It seems that past is always sweeter than the present.  My childhood days are also very sweet to me. I spent my childhood amidst joy in the village with my parents, brothers and sisters. The days of my school were very dear to me. I can remember my first day at school. It was an exciting day. I went to school with my father. The teachers were very friendly and co-operative. My classmates also behaved well with me. Sometimes we played games and sports in the school field. I can remember some sweet events of my childhood. I used to fly kites and swim in the nearby river. I picked mangoes and black berries from tree to tree. The whole village was my play ground. The village fair, village market and fishing in the ponds were great attractions for me. I have some bitter experience of my childhood too. Once while climbing up a mango tree to pick ripe mangoes, I fell down. I was seriously injured. I was under treatment for 15 days. Despite some bitter experience, I still remember my childhood days. When I remember those sweet memories of childhood, I feel great joy and thrilled. I wish I could have gone to those days again.

Eve Teasing Paragraph Writing

         Eve- teasing

Eve-teasing means teasing of women by men. It has become a great problem now-a-days. School, college or university going girls are the main victims of eve-teasing. Some unruly young people always try to tease the girls or women. It is seen that some boys are waiting at the gate of girls’ schools or women’s colleges only to tease the girls. Some of the reasons behind eve-teasing are sick mentality of some unwanted males, the impact of forbidden sights of internet, unemployment problem etc. As a result of eve-teasing, some girls leave schools or colleges. To prevent eve- teasing, strict laws and their enforcement is essential. Mass media can play an important role by raising awareness against eve- teasing. Above all, people of all sectors should come forward to make our society free of this evil act.