21st February International Mother Language Day Paragraph

International Mother Language Day/ 21st February

The 21st February is known as the Shaheed Day as well as the International Mother Language Day. It is a glorious day in our national life. The day has a long history. The then Pakistani rulers tried to impose Urdu instead of Bangla as the state language of us. But the heroic sons of our country protested against that rule. Salam, Rafiq, Jabbar and many patriots sacrificed their valuable lives to uphold the prestige of our mother tongue. On 21st February, people wake up early. They wear black badges on their clothes as a symbol of mourning. People go to the Shaheed Minar on bare foot singing the chorus, “Amar Bhair Rakta Rangano Ekushey February, Ami Ki Bhulite Pari.” They offer wreaths of flower to show their respect to the martyrs of the language movement. People remain silent for one or two minutes and pray for the martyrs. Special prayer is also offered  in the mosques and temples of the country. Now the day is observed as International Mother Language Day across the world.

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