Easy Paragraph on Nuclear and Extended Family

Nuclear Family

Generally there are two types of family. One is extended family and the other is nuclear family. Now-a-days people cannot take care of their children properly in an extended family. As a result, extended families are breaking down and nuclear families are getting popularity day by day. I am a member of a nuclear family. Our family consists of five members. They are my grandmother, my parents, my elder sister and myself. I am the second son of my parents. My elder sister is a student of Rajshahi University. I am now in class xii. Both of my parents are service holders. My mother is a primary school teacher and my father is a banker. All the members of our family are co-operative. My grandmother is a very interesting woman. I spend some of my leisure time gossiping with her. As our family is a nuclear family, our house is always quiet and peaceful. My parents can easily maintain our family with their income. Though sometimes I feel lonely, I think I am lucky as a member of a nuclear family. Because my family always fulfill my demand.

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