Essay on Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels

Here is an essay on  Uses and Abuses of Satellite TV Channels.

The Uses and Abuses of Satellite Television


Satellite telecasting has added a new dimension to television. It has become very popular   to the younger generation in particular. In the past BTV was the only source of recreation to the people. But it used to telecast the same type of programme. It becomes boring to some sections of spectators. In other words it could not satisfy the demand of all sections of spectators.


All the spectators are not interested in the same programme. Satellite television telecasts a wide range programme of varied interest. So, it caters the taste of different kinds of people. If a spectator does not like particular programmes of a channel, he can instantly go to another channel.


Besides, there are channels for special programmes. For example, ten sports, star sports and ESPN telecast only sports programmes. So, the people who are interested in sports can enjoy sports programmes through these channels. There is National geography channel which telecasts programmes of the geography of the world.


There are some channels which telecast highly educative programmes. The programmes telecast by these channels are very helpful to the students.The business community is getting the highest benefit of satellite television. Their products are getting maximum media coverage. The greatest benefit of satellite television is that it has opened before us a wide source of information and entertainment.


But satellite telecasting is not an unmixed blessing. Our entertainment business is getting westernized day by day. Under the influence of western music we are losing our own culture. Even our folk song is now sung with western instruments. Pop and band music are especially getting popularity with the young generation. So, satellite television is now brandeed as cultural assault.


Satellite television is responsible for the moral degradation of the young generation. Many of the programmes telecast by satellite television are not in harmony with our own culture and tradition. Most of the satellite channels often telecast vulgar and violence scenes. These leave an impression on the minds of the teenagers and the younger generation. They imitate the life-style and dress of the western countries.


Satellite TV channels telecast programmes all the time. So, TV watching has become an addiction to many of the young boys and girls. Needless to say, many of our teenagers have gone astray under the impact of satellite television.


It is high time to do something. The government must control the telecasting of satellite channels. We must raise public awareness in this matter.

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