Load Shedding Paragraph for JSC, SSC, HSC and Competitive Exams

Load- shedding

Load shedding means the suspension in the supply of electricity. At present it has become a great problem in our everyday life. It occurs mostly in the busy hours of the day. There are many causes behind it. The production of electricity is less than our demand. The number of industries and houses is increasing. But the production of electricity is not increasing. Besides, there are many illegal connections that make this problem acute. As a result of frequent load-shedding the farmers cannot irrigate their land properly. Anti social activities like mugging and robbery take place during the load shedding period. Students, patients in the hospitals and business men are the worst sufferers of load shedding. To solve this problem, we have to be conscious of the use of electricity. Illegal connections should be eradicated. Above all, more power stations should be established. Thus we can solve the problem of load shedding to a great extent.

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