My First Day at College Paragraph Writing

My First Day at College


My first day at college is a memorable day in my life. I can still remember the sweet events of this day. I got ready early in the morning. I went to college at 9.00am. When I entered the college campus on that day, my joys knew no bounds. I met some of my friends on the campus. They received me with smiling faces. They became very intimate with me. I went to the notice board and wrote down our class routine. When the bell rang, we entered into a spacious room. Then a gentleman entered into the room. He was the professor of English. He treated us as friends and made us laugh with his remark. We enjoyed his class very much. Then I attended four classes, one after another. I noticed difference between our school and college. They generally do not ask any question. Their friendly treatment and the vast campus of the college impressed me most. When I remember the sweet memory of that day my mind is filled with joy.

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