Paragraph on A Moonlit Night

A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is a night when the moon shines brightly in the sky and batches the whole world with its light. In a moonlit night, the moon looks like a disk of silver.  Sometimes it plays hide and seek behind the floating piece of clouds. The glittering stars twinkle around the moon. It seems that the sky has become a fairyland. Seeing such a sight, our eyes dazzles and our mind become soothed. A moonlit night adds to the beauty of nature. Various objects of nature seem to smile. A moonlit night has a great impact on human mind. It awakens a soft feeling in human mind. The poets feel a great attraction for the moon. The city dwellers hardly find any opportunity to enjoy a moonlit night. All the days of a month are alike to them. But the villagers enjoy a moonlit night very much. They often sit in the courtyard and spend time gossiping together. I have a sweet memory of a moonlit night. I went to my village home in autumn. The moon was in full. The fields with crops were glittering in the shine of the moon. I walked by the river side, I saw the reflection of moon in the river water. How charming it was! I could not forget such charming scenery.

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