Short Paragraph on Earthquake


Earthquake is a natural calamity. It means a sudden shaking of the surface of the earth. Bangladesh experiences earthquake almost every year. Now mild earthquake occurs in our country very frequently. Bangladesh has not experienced any major earthquake. So people of Bangladesh are not aware of the gravity of its losses. The experts are giving more attention to the issue of earthquake in recent times. They are alarmed by the recurrence of quakes during recent years. They have opined that the recurrence of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. The construction of ninety percent of the structures in the capital does not follow the building code. It is feared that millions of people will die if a major earthquake occurs in the big cities. However, we should take some precautionary steps to minimize the losses. We should build our houses following the earthquake resistant building code. The government should make the people aware of the losses of a major earthquake. Various NGOs and media can play important role to make people aware of the threat of earthquake. Thus we can minimize the losses of a major earthquake to a great extent.

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