Students and Social Service Composition

Here is a composition about Students and Social Service.

Students and social service


Study is the main duty of the students. But in these days study alone is not enough for a student. They cannot remain aloof from social services. Because they are the future citizens and architects of the nation. So they should play an important role in rendering services to the society.


Students have youthful energy and inspiration. They can play an important role to remove illiteracy from the society. They can utilize their vacations in giving basic education to the illiterate people. They can set up night schools in their localities.


Population growth is a great problem in our country. Students can tell the general masses to adopt family planning and check population growth.


Students can encourage the poor people to send their children to school. They can tell people the evils of early marriage and dowry system. They can make people aware of the results of environmental pollution. They can also build strong social resistance against drug addiction, child-trafficking, gambling, women repression, acid throwing and eve-teasing.


The service of the students in the field of national health is very important. Female students can teach the illiterate women folk how to bring up their children and how to take care of their health. The people of our country suffer from various diseases. Students can teach them the basic rules of health and sanitation.


Students can help the distressed people in times of natural calamities. During cyclone or flood many men and women become homeless. Then the students should go to the affected areas and help the victims. They can raise fund and distribute relief goods and medicine to the affected people.


Thus students can play an important role in rendering services to the society. Through social services they can acquire practical experience which will help them in their practical life.

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