The Importance of Learning English Paragraph

The Importance Of Learning English

Language is the medium of communication. English is the international medium of communication. It is spoken all over the world. So it is called international language. There is a great necessity of learning English. It is the language of international organizations. Moreover, as an independent nation we have to maintain communication with the outside world. To make the communication effective, we have to learn English. English helps us to operate our business across national borders. All the meetings of the international organizations are held in English. English helps us to get good jobs and better salaries. Now-a-days organizations need employees who have a good working knowledge of English. Most of the books of higher education are written in English. So we must have to know English to get higher education. Still in this era we are not so good in English. To improve this condition, we should know some basic rules of grammar. But the most important thing in learning English is communication. We should listen the English programme of  BBC. We have to watch Discovery and National Geographic channel. English newspapers and magazines also may be helpful in the way of learning English.

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