Write a Paragraph on Dangers of Smoking


Smoking means taking tobacco. There are many reasons of smoking. Generally people smoke in order to remove their fatigue. The farmers and the labourers smoke for relaxation. Young people smoke to look smart. They take it as a fashion. One becomes addicted to smoking by mixing with bad companions and friends. Many smoke cigarette out of curiosity. Then smoking becomes a habit to them and they cannot give up it. Smoking is a very bad habit. It is harmful to health. Cigarette contains nicotine that reduces the supply of Oxygen in the body. Smoking causes fatal diseases like cancer, heart attack and chronic bronchitis. It can damage our lungs. Again a smoker harms the non-smokers around him. We must say ‘No’ to smoking. We should raise public awareness against smoking. The government should ban smoking in the public places. Thus the bad habit of smoking can be reduced to some extent.

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