Write a Paragraph on Good Health

Good Health

Health means the condition of a person’s body and mind. So good health means the good condition of a person’s body or mind. It is necessary for every man. A person cannot live a peaceful life without good health. In order to keep good health, a man has to maintain some rules and regulations. First of all,  he has to leave bed early in the morning. Then he needs physical exercise. He has to eat his meal in proper time. He must have to take nutritious food. He has to eat less than his ability. A person should enjoy sound sleep to keep good health. As health is achieved day by day, so it is said that health is wealth. An ill person has many problems. He has not a sound mind as he has not a sound health. As a result, life becomes bitter to him. He cannot enjoy mental peace and happiness. So we must have to maintain a good health for a peaceful life.

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