Write a Paragraph on Your Childhood Memories

        My Childhood


Man likes to turn back from the present to the past. It seems that past is always sweeter than the present.  My childhood days are also very sweet to me. I spent my childhood amidst joy in the village with my parents, brothers and sisters. The days of my school were very dear to me. I can remember my first day at school. It was an exciting day. I went to school with my father. The teachers were very friendly and co-operative. My classmates also behaved well with me. Sometimes we played games and sports in the school field. I can remember some sweet events of my childhood. I used to fly kites and swim in the nearby river. I picked mangoes and black berries from tree to tree. The whole village was my play ground. The village fair, village market and fishing in the ponds were great attractions for me. I have some bitter experience of my childhood too. Once while climbing up a mango tree to pick ripe mangoes, I fell down. I was seriously injured. I was under treatment for 15 days. Despite some bitter experience, I still remember my childhood days. When I remember those sweet memories of childhood, I feel great joy and thrilled. I wish I could have gone to those days again.

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