Write an essay on A Journey by Train or a Journey by Train You Recently Enjoyed

Here is an essay on A Journey by Train


A Journey by Train/ A Journey by Train You Recently Enjoyed


A train journey is very interesting and pleasant. It gives one a brief picture of the country. I got an opportunity of enjoying a journey by train from Rajshahi to Chittagong. My brother lives in Chittagong.  Once he invited me to spend a few days with him in Chittagong.


Our college was closed for fifteen days in the summer vacation. The day was fixed. I along with my brother reached Rajshahi Railway Station. We bought two second class tickets. As the train steamed into the station, everybody rushed to the train and tried to get into the train first. With great difficulties we got into the train and found out our seats.


It was a mail train. With the ringing of bell, the guard blew his whistle, waved the flag and the train started. At first the train moved very slowly. Then the train began the run in full speed. After a few moments people started gossiping. Some people started discussing politics.


I was peeping through the window. The beautiful scenery of outside charmed me. The houses and trees on both the sides seemed to be running back. The train halted at Abdulpur station for sometime. Then some hawkers got into our compartment. They brought some bananas, some biscuits, and bread. I bought two bananas and a piece of bread. Then the train left.


The train moved through the open fields. We were enjoying the natural beauties of Bangladesh. We saw the farmers collecting their harvest. Our train was passing by Indian border near Kasba. I saw the Indian hills from the window of the train. I was greatly thrilled when our train was passing by Sitakundu. The sight of the evergreen hills gave me much joy.


For the time being I forgot myself. I was awakened by the shouts of the porter in Chittagong. Our train reached in Chittagong at 5 pm we got down from the train and our happy journey came to an end.  This journey was very much interesting to me. I shall never forget the sweet memory of this journey.

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