Write an Essay on Rural Development

Here is a short essay on Rural Development.


Rural Development


Rural development means the development of the villages. In the broader sense, rural development means the improvement of the economic condition of the people in the rural areas.


Rural development is the crying need of the country. There are about 68,000 villages in our country. About eighty percent people live in the rural areas. So, the development of the country is not possible without the development of the rural areas.


Bangladesh is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. So, we must improve out agriculture for the rural development.


For rural development, the roads and communication system must be improved. Then electricity should be supplied to the rural areas. To reduce the cost of production, the government should supply fertilizer at a low-price. Moreover the farmers should be given agricultural loan at low rate of interest.


Our farmers are engaged only in the production of food grains. But they must be engaged in other profitable income-generating activities. Cattle and poultry rearing, fish cultivation and cultivation of vegetables and fruits—all these are profitable business. The government and different NGOs can train the farmers on these activities.


The micro-credit programmes of the government and the NGO’s can reduce poverty to a great extent. Receiving micro-credit millions of landless poor people can be able to earn and come out of their abject poverty.


It is a matter of hope that the picture of the rural areas has changed a lot. It is no more a picture of poverty, hunger and diseases. The standard of living in the rural areas has improved considerably. In many villages, people are enjoying facilities of modern life. In fact the development of the country will be a far cry without rural development.

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